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Revolution 2 Premium WordPress Themes – Free Download

The whole set of Revolution Two Premium Wordpress Themes for Free Download
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Make Yourself a Unique WordPress Theme in 5 Easy Steps

Once you decide upon a theme, you don’t want it to look like every other blog that uses the theme, right? A unique theme works more like a brand. People remember the blog by its looks (close your eyes and think of some of the blogs that you visit frequently). So to stand out from the rest, you have to make it look different.
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8 Steps to Blog Faster without Loosing Grip

I knew I had to write faster and write more, but I wanted to maintain the quality per post. So loose posts was not an option. Instead I did the following changes to my style, you can use some of these.
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How often do you brood over your Blunders?

When StudioPress Themes (back then, it was called Revolution Themes), who had made their themes available for free download, decided to remove the free download links from their site, I uploaded all the themes I had in my collection and made it available for free download. I had the entire set with me and the post went popular in no time.
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Interview with Founders of TweetPhoto: Photo Sharing for Twitter and Facebook

Something which Twitter definitely lacks is Photo Sharing. But now, a team from California is coming up with a promising Social Photo Sharing Service, TweetPhoto. It will be a Photo Sharing Service for both Twitter and Facebook. I did an interview with the people behind TweetPhoto to digg into what they have got.
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